a Decentralised Cryptocurrency gaming platform


Tsunami is a Decentralised Cryptocurrency gaming platform that leverages the Metaverse to develop Play-To-Earn Games and NFTs Powered by the BSC and Avalanche Blockchains.

Imagine an ecosystem where you can play different kinds of games, make money from thosen games, as well as being able to use your earnings within and outside the gaming ecosystem.

Tsunami is committed to making the Metaverse more fascinating than it is painted out there.

The next-generation gaming ecosystem will not only be for entertainment, but also for income purposes. The Metaverse holds lots of opportunities to make this happen, and the native token of our project Tsunami Token (WIND) will be used for that purpose.


Tsunami Token(WIND)

The Tsunami platform is powered by a native token called the Tsunami Token (WIND). This token becomes the powerhouse of most of the transactions in the broader Tsunami ecosystem, it would be a reward token, used for NFT minting and numerous other functionalities.

Token Metrics

A limited number of the WIND tokens will be issued. A good number of these tokens will be issued during the coin offering events, after which the tokens would be listed on cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Deflationary Dynamics

The Tsunami Avax Token (WIND) is deflationary, meaning that its supply would be reduced as time goes on, especially anytime transactions are made with it.

This is one of the major ways we intend to create scarcity for the token. This is aimed at creating a supply vacuum that would ensure that the value of the token would rally to the upside.



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